Our Story

I met Alison for the first time on a yacht in Lake Michigan at the 2014 KCCNA Convention in Chicago. She was wearing this beautiful sundress and I was like dayummm! (of course, I didn’t tell her that lol). I met her again the next day and she was wearing a simple black and purple saree that she designed and she looked gorgeous! This girl made me look twice every time and she stood out among every girl out there. I’ve never had any girl capture my attention like her. Even though I had the guilt of not talking to her as much as I wanted to at that convention, we started talking post-convention. We had taken a photo together during convention and someone commented on it after I posted it on Facebook saying we look like a cute couple. Not losing the opportunity, I messaged her on Facebook and we ended up talking for 4 hours that night. We chatted every single day since then. As days passed, we started communicating through Snapchat, texts, phone calls and Skype. Despite the long distance, we got closer everyday by talking and exchanging songs we loved. A few months later, I went to New York with my sister to celebrate her friend, Gina’s 21st birthday party, who was also Alison's cousin. It was a memorable time because I had my first drink ever with Alison that night (who is the bad influence now?) The next day, I asked her out on our first date. I gave her a present which was Luke Bryan’s Crash my Party album. I was and still am so attracted to her smile and told her I wanted to preserve her smile for life. We met again later that year at the KYAA event in Washington D.C. where I asked her to be my girlfriend. As months passed, our relationship grew stronger. Since we were both moving around for school, our every encounter would be in a new city and it was so exciting to be able to travel and experience new things with her. I knew from the minute we started talking, that i wanted to marry her but I silenced myself waiting for the perfect moment to propose. I knew all along that she deserved the best. I knew that seeing the Northern Lights was one of her dreams since she was a little girl and she loved surprises. So, I thought of combining the two and proposing to her under the Northern Lights! I did it and it was beyond magical! The day we were dreaming of since the beginning of our journey is finally here and we can’t wait to celebrate our big day with our dear ones! 

- Thomson

The Proposal

It all started on Sunday, March 4th,2018. I was in Queens to see my sister Thalia. Around 5:30 PM, my dad called me to tell me to pick up a family friend from JFK Airport. I was on my way with my sister Sephia. Along the way we were talking about how we wished we could just get on one of those planes and leave the country right now... As I got to Terminal 4 passenger pickup, there was no one there. The next thing I see is Thomson running towards me!! To say I was shocked and confused was the least. My emotions got the best of me and was crying. As I got out of the car I see my dai running towards me, he takes my car and leaves! I'm trying to demand some answers from Thomson and Sephia not noticing that they are guiding me into the airport. I walk in and I see my sister Thalia, the same one whose house I had left 20 min ago standing at the entrance along with my mom and a red suitcase.I ask, "WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Then Thomson says he has ANOTHER surprise and pulls out a fluffy hat and hands me a folded envelope. I open it to see Norwegian Airlines tickets as Thomson goes, "WE'RE GOING TO NORWAY!! RIGHT NOW!!!"

We arrived in Oslo the next morning, and the rest of the week was filled with lots of fun activities that Thomson had planned for us. From there, we flew to the Arctic Circle in Tromsø, and on Thursday evening, he goes, "Get ready, I have a private chasing the northern lights tour arranged for you". Now not many of you may know this, but I have been OBSESSED with the Aurora since I was young, In high school, I even named our manuscript magazine after it. I was beyond excited. The weather was about -15 degrees when we got to the edge of the beautiful Norwegian Fjords. We waited for the skies to clear and the Aurora to make its appearance. Then out of the dark blue sky, the lights appeared and started dancing!! It was truly as magnificent as I had imagined. We scrambled to the top of a rock to take some pictures. The wind was starting to pick up and I couldn't feel parts of my face, but it didn't matter because I was so happy, then Thomson goes, "I need to ask you something" and gets down on one knee. He proceeded to say things but I knew my answer, I knew my answer years ago when we first started talking. When he finally asked me to marry him...my answer was...YES!! ALWAYS YES!! FOREVER YES!!!

- Alison